Black Foodie Finder is a fantastic food directory app that offers a one in all solution for anyone who is looking for black owned restaurants, food trucks and eateries across the United States. This user friendly app is exclusively designed to help people who are specifically looking for black owned food places. What’s amazing about this black owned restaurant app is the fact that it covers over 6,000 locations! Black Foodie Finder offers the most extensive listing of black owned restaurants that gives users with a plethora of choice to pick from. Apart from helping you find black owned restaurants, the BFF app also provides you with a listing of catering services. So, whether you need to find chef, recipes or any products catering to the needs of the black community, BFF covers it all!

While searching for food near me, Black Foodie Finder also allows you to search by state that makes it all the more convenient for you to locate your favorite food spots. The BFF app also welcomes you to join the blog community where you can learn about new recipes and find information about upcoming social events in your area. Black Foodie Finder works with a twin motive. It not just helps users find the nearest black owned restaurants in their area. But, it also works towards promoting local black business that are looking for support in the form of potential customers. Food is a big part of any culture. This is exactly why this app is uniquely designed to offer a comprehensive and hassle free solution for users to successfully find black food and beverage eateries around them. One of the major goals of Black Foodie Finder is to build a sense of community within users. It gives users with an amazing platform to not just locate wonderful black owned restaurants, but also support them in the best of their abilities.

Black Foodie Finder connects users to black owned restaurants, food trucks, cafes or any other eateries in a way that makes it much convenient and simple for them to find each other. It’s 2020, and there’s still a lot that needs to be done to preserve and thrive black owned business. This is exactly what drives and motivates the team at Black Foodie Finder to do their bit to give back to the black community. In this sense, Black Foodie Finder is an attempt to bridge gaps and join together a group of people that have what it takes to build and grow the black community together with each other’s support. On the whole, black empowerment is at the core of Black Foodie Finder’s philosophy and ethics. With this vision in mind, Black Foodie Finder brings you exciting black owned restaurant listing where you can find exactly what you are looking for. The Black Foodie Finder app is not just a food directory where you can find black owned eateries, chefs, catering services, recipes and events. It’s an experience that brings together people from all walks of life and evokes a sense of community, only to make it grow with stronger values and an unbreakable sense of unity. What adds to the experience of users is the fact that this app is constantly updating and adding new black owned restaurants to its listing. Whether you are looking for exotic delicacies, vegan options, barbecue, traditional foods or dessert specials; Black Foodie Finder has you all covered! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download the Black Foodie Finder app on your Android, iPhone, iPad or any other IOS device for free!